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Using technology to engage your target audience


Advances in technology and the advent of social media present a whole new world of opportunities for us to find new and innovative ways to engage with your target audience.


Simply having a website is no longer enough. The platforms now exist for you to find or create content that will resonate more deeply with your audience, and you can reach out to them via the social forum of their choice.

Your choice of interactive content could be a game, an App, a quiz, a film, a blog, a Twitter-feed or a Facebook wall, and if you get it right there’s always the possibility of reaching the Promised Land where your postings go viral.


Your intended audience can also engage you in ways that don’t involve a telephone or a postage stamp. They can poke you, friend or follow you, retweet your postings, text you, scan your QR code, and view your website on the move from a tablet or mobile phone. But, they can also make a complaint or pass on a bad experience, which will be shared with the whole of their social network in a matter of seconds.


We are here to guide you through all the potential pitfalls and make sure you choose the content and the channel that’s right for you. And then we’ll help you to make it happen.

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