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Simply click on one of the buttons below to see if you can find Colin.

Our little chum Colin has been back to visit the jungle he grew up in. Being the master of disguise that he is, we can’t find him and it’s time for Colin to catch his flight back home to NHS Creative.


See if you can spot him in our uniquely illustrated jungle scene.


Happy hunting!


Our client competition has now closed, so this is just for fun. Once you’ve found Colin, see if you can spot the following characters from previous projects we’ve worked on. You can read more about any of them in the portfolio section of our website:


Captain Chlamydia


A spaceman from The Moon of Extraordinary Beliefs


The Owl and the Pussycat


A fish called Nemo


A rubber duck

Plus there’s plenty more to discover in the jungle, the mighty jungle, where the lion sleeps tonight.


Can you see:


Four types of flies – dragonfly, horsefly, housefly and firefly

Four fruitbats

Four hungry hippos

Two-can (toucan)

One cat-cus

One Mr T manatee

One poison arrow frog

One catfish (in love)

One parrotfish (also in love)

Monkey business

Snail Mail

King of the Jungle

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