As cool as a Chameleon

Cucumbers are so last year.


You've probably already seen our little chameleon character popping up across this site, and for us, he symbolises how NHS Creative is adapting to the changing NHS commissioning landscape.


Unless you’ve had your head in the trees like this little fella, you’re probably well aware that the public sector is a far more competitive place to be in these days. The need to stand out from the crowd is greater than ever.

To be the best, you also have to look your best, and that’s where NHS Creative can help to make sure that you do. And that’s where one thing has definitely not changed…


NHS Creative has been providing specialist design and marketing services for over 17 years and we’re here to stay. As a professionally accredited advertising agency, our service is unique within the NHS and we have all the in-house specialist skills you need to develop highly tailored activity to fulfil your communication needs.


Our team includes multi-skilled designers, illustrators, artworkers and account handlers, working on a not-for-profit basis to deliver creative and cost-effective marketing solutions.


So anyone who disagrees that ‘Chameleon’s are cool’ should click here and watch this film.


See, we told you so.



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